Learn How To Increase Your Online Sales Using Facebook Ads and
Online Marketing 

An affordable self-paced online course perfect for beginners and non-techy

Are these familiar?

Overwhelmed on how to start doing Facebook ads
Your social media pages are not growing even with everyday posting
Can't afford to lose money on Facebook advertising
Can't understand all these Marketing jargons and technical terms
Your page has very little likes, no comments, with almost no engagement! 

Message from Coach LynJoy

I know how frustrating it is. I've been there. No exaggeration, but I almost tried everything! Being a great researcher, I would dig deep to find articles on online marketing. I will enroll in training classes and workshops to learn what's new because I was quite sure I'm missing something. From figuring out the best time to post, to drafting this beautiful caption hoping it will become viral, to spending money on ads hoping that people will buy my product... All with bad results.

But you know what? Kapag mahal natin ang isang bagay, hindi natin sinusukuan. Even with failures and continuous disappointments, I didn't give up.  And those years of researching, testing, tweaking, and non-stop learning finally paid off.

Not only have I learned a lot, but I am able to turn a simple hobby into a multi-million business in less than 1 year. 

And now I'm ready to share my knowledge with you.

No holds barred!

Everything I know about Facebook Marketing and Facebook Ads will be documented in this comprehensive Online Course.

Please note that this course is not for the experts. I designed this course for business owners like me who are lost on how to start. Small business owners like me who are overwhelmed with so much information. Small business owners like me who have a small budget to spend on Facebook ads. Because I feel you. As I am you.

So allow me to teach you on how to navigate online marketing and sell your products like hot pandesal.

Let's do this!



To be successful in your online business
To reach millions of customers
To be considered a leader in your field
To change peoples' lives for the better
To become a multi-millionaire!

🌟 You deserve all this and more!!! 🌟

Learn the Art of Selling for your online business

Unlock the Power of Facebook Advertising and Marketing 

Why Facebook Marketing and Facebook Ads are Your Best Weapon to Skyrocket Your Success

🎯 Targeted Reach: Facebook can reach your ideal customers like a pro! With Facebook's sophisticated targeting options, you can pinpoint your audience based on age, location, interests, and behaviors. Say goodbye to guessing games and hello sales! 

📈 Boost Brand Awareness: With almost 92 million active users in the Philippines, Facebook lets you put your brand in front of millions, instantly boosting your visibility and credibility. 

💡 Drive Sales & Leads: For small business owners, this is a gem! Facebook Ads offer a cost-effective way to generate leads and drive sales. 

📱 Mobile-First Marketing: Facebook is the ultimate platform to connect with on-the-go consumers. Optimizing your creatives to become mobile responsive ensures engaged audience.

🤝 Build Relationships: Facebook is all about connections. Use your business page to interact with customers and build lasting relationships. Happy customers become loyal customers! 

🌐 Global Reach: Sky is the limit! You don't need to limit your reach to the Philippine market. The world is your oyster!

💥 Stay Ahead of Competitors: Harness the power of Facebook Marketing and stay one step ahead by showcasing your unique value and offerings. 

 🚀  Enroll in Our Course and Unlock Facebook Marketing Success📈

 🌟  Our Beginner-Friendly Training 🌟

 Breaks down complex concepts into simple, easy-to-follow steps.
✅ Teaches you all the essentials without the overwhelm.
No hidden charges of extra fees. Pay one time and enjoy lifetime of course access.

 💡  What We Offer 💡

 Easy-to-follow online courses that simplify Facebook marketing.
✅ A supportive community to help you every step of the way.
✅ Lifetime access.
✅ Self-paced course.
 All lessons are in Taglish.

 🎯  Lessons 🎯

 The power of social media
✅ Identify your buyer persona
✅ Create your brand identity
✅ Copywriting. The Art of writing compelling captions
 Introduction to Meta Business Suite
 Ways to promote business
 Social Media posting calendar
 Set up an Ad account
 Set up a Campaign 
 Set up Ad Creative 
 Set up simple A/B split test
 Set up an auto-message system
 Understanding Facebook algorithm and policies
 Set up Facebook page from scratch
 Proper budget distribution
 Ads with social proof
🔥🔥🔥 ... and many more!!!!


No need to spend thousands of pesos to enroll in courses that just teach theories with no actual results.

Step-by-step instructions with actual training on how to do it. Perfect for beginners.

Amazing support and community to ask questions, seek advice, and get daily inspiration from.

Sharing with you everything I know that helped me grow my online businesses  with millions of reach and income.

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